Support Capacity and Action Development by Young People to Address Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

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Deadline: 9 June, 2024

UNICEF is seeking a partner with expertise in youth engagement, meaningful participation, and skills building, desirably with experience in applying this to climate and environmental action, to assist it in capacity-building activities and co-development of environmental protection actions. A selected IP should partner with local youth-led organizations for activities implementation in close coordination with local governments. This partnership will focus on:

- Providing adolescents and young people with knowledge of the global and national policy framework on climate change, environmental protection and pollution control, causes and impacts of environmental degradation, and disaster risk reduction.

- Providing technical assistance for the development and adaptation of new and available education and advocacy materials, and online awareness-raising content.

- Enabling their role as agents of change to lead and promote actions to adapt and/or mitigate climate change impact and prevent pollution through co-development of actions and financial and technical support in implementation.

- Raising awareness of local government and other stakeholders and communities on climate, environment, and DRR action with adolescents and young people.

- Advocating and sharing good practices with the local governments and communities to support (technically and financially) youth-led innovative solutions for climate change adaptation and environment.

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