About Re.Search

Re.Search (Resource Hub for Strengthening Capacity on Financial Resiliency) is established as a medium for Indonesian Civil Society Organization to learn, connect, and collaborate in order to achieve innovation, financial resilency, and sustainable impact.
We believe innovation and financial resilience are key for sustainable impact of Indonesian civil society organizations. Re.Search was born out of the Financial Innovation and Resilience (FiRE) program, an initiative built in response to adress the need for Civil Society Organizations to strengthen institutional capacity and financial resilience as funding decreases.


FIRE program kickoff led by Spring Strategies

MAR - NOV 2020

Online training workshop by Spring Strategies and online mentoring by local capacity builders

MARCH 2021

FIRE program closing by Spring Strategies

MARCH 2021 - now

Localization and development of Re.Search as a resource hub for Organizational and Financial Resilience and learning ecosystem for developing local capacity and civil society organizations in Indonesia and the Global South.
Re.Search is a learning space to help provide CSO in Indonesia information and tools to strengthen their financial capacity.

Our Partners

We Believe in the Power of Collaboration. Re.Search was built collectively with like-minded organizations that have deep experience in the NGO/CSO development sector in Indonesia. This collaboration is expected to expand the network of organizations involved and open up greater opportunities for Re.Search to become a forum that accommodates various perspectives. In the first phase, the Re.Search implementation team consisted of 4 core organizations.

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